Boost Your Digestion!

or How to survive SXSW in Austin, without really trying

Try these super easy techniques from the Year of CHI, and be sweet to yourself this year!

FU rub acupressure technique:

Acupressure is best described as using your hands to promote the movement of energy throughout your body. The FU rub, or tummy rub, is a great technique to use for yourself or your kiddos everyday for general health, improved digestion, and strong metabolism. You can also use the FU rub to help ease constipation or diarrhea.
Place your hands one on top of the other just over your navel, use the amount of pressure you would if you were petting a dog you love, not too hard, but not too light either. Rub around your belly button 36 times clockwise then 36 times counterclockwise for general health and improved metabolism. To help relieve constipation, rub clockwise only 36 times. If you’re experiencing diarrhea, then rub 36 times counterclockwise only.

FU push acupressure technique:

For the FU push or abdominal push, use the palms of your hands. Start with your hands just under your ribs about the distance of your hip bones (which is smaller than you think it is ladies! I promise!) Push from your lowest rib to your hip bones 20 times, moving downward only. Use daily for a metabolic boost, or anytime you are feeling bloated, or your digestion is feeling sluggish.

These simple acupressure techniques only take a minute to do, and they can help you to feel lighter, and have more energy!

Easy Herbs for digestion:

One easy healthy habit you can add to your routine is to wind down with a cup of tea each evening before bed.   In Chinese Herbal Medicine, both ginger and peppermint are used to help sooth the stomach, detoxify your system, and aid in digestion. While you can use either peppermint or ginger, in TCM we say that peppermint is better for those that run a little hot (Do your friends call you feisty? You might prefer peppermint) and ginger for those who tend to run cool (do you carry a sweater with you everywhere, just in case? You might prefer ginger). You will typically find that you prefer one over the other, so choose which one you enjoy the most. You can add a teaspoon of local honey and/or a squeeze of lemon to taste. Add honey if you are suffering from seasonal allergies, and lemon when you want an extra detoxifying boost. Use your teatime to slow down and relax. Turn off your devices, read or check in with your family. Breathe in the delicious steam from your cup and just be.

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