Acupressure for Healthy Skin

No matter how hard we try, our self-care routines can get away from us sometimes.

Wait, what’s a self-care routine?!?! You mean I can take care of myself and not just my kids, spouse, boss, sister, brother, mother, dogs and cats!?! No Way!

Absolutely! In fact, the corner stone of preventative medicine is self-care. And it is much easier to incorporate into your day to day routine than you think!

A wonderful way to take care of yourself is to use Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure points to stimulate energy and blood flow to the skin. These easy to follow acupressure techniques will not only refresh and recharge you, but they help smooth fine lines and support healthy glowing skin. Follow this acupressure routine each morning to help you start your day, or at night just before bed. Start with clean, fresh skin; and apply a thin layer of your favorite moisturizer.

Give these acupressure techniques an extra boost by using your facial moisturizer mixed with one of the essential oils listed below. Simply add a single drop (really! just one drop!) of one of the following essential oils into a dime-size dollop of your favorite moisturizer.

  • Rose Oil, which can be used for sensitive or aging skin
  • Clary Sage Oil, which can be used for decreasing inflammation
  • Rose Hip Oil, which contains omega fatty acids 3, 6, and 9, and Vitamin C, which all help in regenerating skin cells and minimizing signs of aging while reducing fine lines

Yin Tang (in purple)

Acupressure on Yin Tang can be used for furrowed brows and forehead lines.

For furrowed brows, start at the acupressure point, Yin Tang, located between your eyebrows, then lightly push upwards toward the hair line fifteen times. (pink arrow)

To relieve forehead lines, begin above the eyebrows on the forehead and move outwards to the hairline, repeating fifteen times. (red arrows)

Gall Bladder 1 (in blue)

Gall bladder 1 is located just to the side of your eyes. For crow’s feet, using your middle fingers, push and hold Gall Bladder 1 for five seconds then release. Repeat this fifteen times.

Large Intestine 20 (in green)

LI 20 is located just to the side of your nose. For smile lines, using your middle fingers, put pressure on Large Intestine 20 for five seconds then release. Repeat this fifteen times.
furrows of worry mel gallbladder 1 LI 20

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