Back to School Lunches That are Cool



Although it’s back-to-school time, the sweltering dog days of summer will prevail deep into the fall semester.  The sticky sweat on the back of your legs continues to plaster you to the car seat and that 3 minute trek to the bus stop leaves you sun burnt.  Since it’s highly unlikely we can wear our bathing suits to school and work, what we choose to eat and drink can help us fight the heat.  Below are ten different fruits and vegetables that are all cooling, meaning they help you stay cool in hot weather and help you to replenish vital fluids that are lost from the constant blazing sun of summer.   They are ideal for convenient packing in the kiddos’–and adults’–lunchboxes.  Stay cool, everybody!


Bananas are a very cooling fruit that are wonderful to eat during the hot Texas times, plus they are so easy to pack for work or school lunches! Bananas benefit the lungs and intestines. They can help alleviate thirst and help with relieving constipation.  They also naturally detox the body.

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Broccoli is a cooling food that acts as a diuretic.  It helps improve vision and can help relieve inflamed eyes.  Broccoli contains high amounts of pantothenic acid and vitamin A, which both improve skin.  Broccoli is a great source of iron too!

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Celery is extremely cooling, can improve digestion, and even reduces vertigo and nervousness.  Eat celery to avoid or clear up acne breakouts.  Celery can lower blood pressure and reduce headaches.  Celery is a good food to eat to decrease an excessive appetite.  Celery contains high levels of silicon, which can repair joints and connective tissue.

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Cucumber has a cooling effect and can uplift a depressed spirit.  It can counteract toxins and is great for improving skin.  Cucumbers can help prevent bladder infections. Cucumbers contain erepsis, which is a digestive enzyme that helps break down protein and cleanse intestines.

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Grapefruits are a cooling fruit that can help improve digestion.  They can even stop belching!  There’s even a neat trick in using grapefruit to reduce fever–simmer pulp for 10 minutes in 6 oz. of water, then drink and enjoy.

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Oranges are cooling and can improve poor appetites.  Oranges help replenish vital fluids after a long day out in the sun, making them a perfect addition to school lunches.  Oranges are also naturally anti-inflammatory and can even help improve weak gums and teeth.

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Spinach is cooling and is chock full of nutrients including carotin, Vitamin C, and protein.  Spinach also contains high levels of folic acid, which plays a very important role in development.  Spinach improves bowel movements and vision.

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Strawberries are very cooling and help improve appetite.  They moisten the lungs and can alleviate thirst.  They can give relief to a sore throat and hoarseness.  Eat strawberries before a meal, and they will help promote good digestion.  Strawberries are a great food to eat when feeling irritable.  Strawberries contain high levels of silicon, which assists in connective tissue and arterial repair.

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Watermelons are a cooling fruit that can have an uplifting effect on the spirit.  They moisten the intestines and are a natural diuretic.  Eat watermelon to heal canker sores quickly.

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