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Back to School Immune Boosters!

Back to School Immune Boosters! YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY! The kids are back in school! Time to get everything done that was on pause this summer. Oh but wait, back to school means back into the germ factory! Yikes! How can we keep

Baked Pears with Walnuts and Honey

Baked Pears with Walnuts and Honey adapted from Skinny Taste Pears are great for many types of lung issues including asthma and dry cough. When paired with walnuts, honey, and cinnamon in this recipe, you will also be nourishing your

Back to School Lunches That are Cool

  Although it’s back-to-school time, the sweltering dog days of summer will prevail deep into the fall semester.  The sticky sweat on the back of your legs continues to plaster you to the car seat and that 3 minute trek

Mother’s Day Recipe

What I did for myself this Mother’s Day by Light Family Acupuncture May 6, 2014 I love spending time with my family and I love my job, and I also love my girlfriends. Having a good community of supportive friends

Thieves oil to fight colds and flu!

Thieves oil to fight cold and flu! by Light Family Acupuncture December, 11 2013 One of my very favorite scents is thieves oil. For years I was paying (gladly) a high price tag for my favorite thieves blend. But this

Think Outside the Lunch Box

Think Outside the Lunch Box Creative lunch ideas for the whole family by Light Family Acupuncture August, 28th 2013 Yay! The kids are back in school! No more scrambling for play dates, last minute childcare or the dreaded cries of

Super Summer Smoothies

Super Summer Smoothies by Light Family Acupuncture August 1, 2013 That’s it. It’s officially too hot to eat. I find that as summer wears on, it’s more and more tempting to skip meals and eat quick snacks (read things that

Stay Cool This Summer

Stay Cool This Summer! by Light Family Acupuncture July, 8th 2013 It’s summer! Hooray!  Time to head outside and swim, hike, bike and maybe enjoy an ice-cream cone or two.  If you live here in Austin, that sentence might go

Drink to Your Health

Drink to Your Health! by Light Family Acupuncture June 9, 2013 Drink to your health! No, not that kind of drink! I’m talking about adding in a delicious and easy supplement to your daily routine. The oh so amazing it

kitchari recipe

Basic Cleansing Kitchari Recipe 1 cup sprouted brown rice (to sprout, soak in water over night in a loosely covered container) 1 cup sprouted mung beans (sprout separate of water (depending on desired consistency) in a rice cooker or on