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Back to School Immune Boosters!

Back to School Immune Boosters! YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY! The kids are back in school! Time to get everything done that was on pause this summer. Oh but wait, back to school means back into the germ factory! Yikes! How can we keep

Take a Brain Break!

Give Your Brain a Boost! Take a Brain Break! by Light Family Acupuncture September, 8th 2015 You’ve started to eat healthier, you’ve been taking your herbs and getting your TCM treatments, you’ve even started getting better sleep! Go you! But

Independently Healthy

At Light Family Acupuncture, we will be celebrating Independence Day all month long with our series on being INDEPENDENTLY HEALTHY–tips on being proactive in taking care of your body. There are five pillars–also known as The Five Branches–that Traditional Chinese

Showing Appreciation

With Father’s Day just around the corner, now is the time to show appreciation to those under-appreciated: whether it’s fathers, mothers, teachers, grandparents, or friends. It’s important to give thanks to those who tirelessly give and give to make our

You Might Be a Metal-Type If…

          We are made up of all five elements–water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. We also all have certain tendencies to have a dominant type of element. Since autumn is Metal element time, I thought now

Summer care for Kids!

Summer care for Kids! by Light Family Acupuncture July 14, 2014 It is starting to get hot out there, and your kids probably want to play in the pool all day long! If your child starts feeling irritable, restless, very thirsty,

Summer Survival Kit!

Summer Survival Kit by Light Family Acupuncture June 6, 2014 Happy Summer! Keep yourself and your family safe and healthy this summer with our Summer Survival Kit herb pack! Included in this pack: B4Vax to help boost immunity throughout the summer

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TCM Bodywork for Winter Immunity!

TCM Bodywork for Winter Immunity Hang in there! Spring is just around the corner! count down to spring, winter immunity boosters! first up, the tradition chinese medicine bodywork technic known as tuina! Tuina   Chinese pediatric massage, or tuina, is

Stay Balanced this Spring!

Stay Balanced this Spring! by Light Family Acupuncture March 26, 2014         Spring is upon us, and the new season brings us warmer, longer days along with windy weather! In Chinese Medicine, getting too much external wind

Thieves oil to fight colds and flu!

Thieves oil to fight cold and flu! by Light Family Acupuncture December, 11 2013 One of my very favorite scents is thieves oil. For years I was paying (gladly) a high price tag for my favorite thieves blend. But this