Gall Bladder Cleanse for Spring!

green-apple-fruitwallpaper-1024x768This time of year, many people are interested in cleansing to let go of the last of winter’s heaviness and excess. In TCM, the the change of the season is a great time to make dietary changes. While there is no one nutrition plan or cleanse thats right for everyone, many people in our culture experience stress, indigestion, gas, tension in the shoulders and neck, and a bitter taste in the mouth. These can all be signs of sediment in the gall bladder.
We can recommend this dietary cleanse, adapted from Healing with Whole Foods, designed to help you feel your best and get your system running smoothly!
For 21 days avoid: heavy meats, all dairy, eggs and nuts
Eat lots of: unrefined grains, vegetables, fruit (especially pears), legumes, lemons, limes, parsnips, seaweed, and turmeric (you can take it in pills, or I like mine in my smoothies!)
In addition: eat 1-2 radishes in between each meal
drink 5 cups of chamomile tea every day
pour 5 teaspoons of cold-pressed flax oil over one meal per day
after your 21 days, reintroduce some of those heavier foods you might have been missing slowly! add just one new food group back into your diet every few days.

Not sure you can make it 3 weeks without your beloved peanut butter? We feel you! Try a 2-3 days of the lighter modified diet above, then try this quick trick one day gall bladder cleanse.
Beginning when you wake up and throughout the day eat only organic green apples, at least 5-6 for the day. Drink water, herbal tea, and fresh apple juice throughout the day as well. At bedtime, warm 2/3cup extra virgin olive oil to body temp, and mix with 1/3cup lemon juice. Slowly sip the drink then immediately go to bed when finished, lying on your right side with your right leg drawn up. The sediment in your gall bladder should pass the following morning. The next day, eat lightly following the guidelines listed above.
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