Take a Brain Break!

Give Your Brain a Boost! Take a Brain Break!

by Light Family Acupuncture
September, 8th 2015


You’ve started to eat healthier, you’ve been taking your herbs and getting your TCM treatments, you’ve even started getting better sleep! Go you! But sometimes, no matter how well you take care of yourself, it can be difficult to stay focused and clear headed at work, or to stay completely present with your littles. You start the day off fine, but that last hour before lunch? Forget it.

You need to take a brain break! (No facebook doesn’t count, sorry.) When you get that not so smart feeling, take five minutes and try one of the brain boosting strategies!

Movement “snack”

One of the best ways to get your brain working again, is to get your body moving! When we focus all our attention on a computer screen or even on a nice, friendly paper document, we can be so absorbed in what we are doing that we don’t realize we are super stiff or sore until it gets painful. SAH moms and dads, I know you’ve been sitting on the floor all weirdly slumped over those legos for hours.  Set a timer for yourself every 60-90 minutes and get up and get into your body! Stretch, swing your arms, jump up and down, dance! (perf for those with toddlers!) Anything that gets you reconnected with your body for a few moments will help your brain refocus when you get back to it!

Take a snack break snack

Oh yay! We love snacks! That’s easy I do that all the time, and I can snack while I work. Hold the phone there, we need to give the brain a little break remember? Choose a healthy snack that you love. A handful of nuts, fruit, veggies and dip, hummus – do try and avoid highly processed foods as these have little nutritional value and can actually make you feel more sluggish later! But instead of wolfing it down while you work, give yourself five minutes and stop everything else you are doing and bring your full attention to nourishing your body.

Get outside

Head gone all computer fuzzy? Office so freezing cold with AC you wear a sweater in the summer? Been listening to that frozen microphone play “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” for infinity?  Take a quick walk around the building, pop the wee one into the pram for a jaunt around the hood, or step out on to the balcony and just turn your face towards the sun. If you can, take a seat, close your eyes and take several deep breaths of fresh air.


Can’t get outside? No room to dance? Forgot your snack pack? Set a timer for five minutes, turn all your alerts and phone on silent, close your eyes, and sit. Yes really. That’s it. Just sit, sit and focus on your breath flowing in and out. You will be amazed by how calm you feel when that timer goes off!  (Got a little one at home? Try meditating at nap time)

Taking a break might seem counter productive (but I have to finish this by yesterday!!) but when you can focus with your full attention, you will work faster and produce better results! You will also feel more centered and calm and ready for anything. Ready? Set? Break!