You Might Be a Metal-Type If…

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We are made up of all five elements–water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. We also all have certain tendencies to have a dominant type of element. Since autumn is Metal element time, I thought now would be a perfect time to give a shout-out to all the metal-types out there. You might be a metal-type if …

You are well-organized, methodical, efficient, and disciplined.
You live according to principle.
You are well appreciated for your integrity and commitment to reason.
You remain aloof, maintaining emotional distance from others.
You prefer conformity over strangeness.
You are very patient and meticulous.
You are a perfectionist.

When the metal element is out of balance, contraction and closing in occurs. Emotional expression might be suppressed and mental attitudes can become very fixed and rigid. Health issues that might arise with imbalanced metal element include asthma, constipation, dry hair and skin, sneezing, anemia, poor appetite, stiff joints, sinus congestion, and headaches.

Ways to remedy a metal element imbalance include activities that cultivate buoyancy of spirit and openness, including deep breathing, meditation, forgiveness of others and yourself for not living up to perfect standards, acupuncture, chamomile tea and lavender oil to calm the mind, and a diet rich in foods that help fight the dryness of autumn (pears, apples, oranges, peaches, green beans, pork, eggs, clams, oysters, grapes, olives, cabbage, tofu, soy milk, spinach, seaweed, peanuts, almonds, mushrooms, and pine nuts.) Because skin is an important body structure related to the metal element, massaging and brushing of your skin regularly can help you to avoid indifference to sensation or emotion, which indicates metal element imbalance.

Let it go, live boldly.

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