Mother’s Day Recipe

What I did for myself this Mother’s Day

by Light Family Acupuncture
May 6, 2014


I love spending time with my family and I love my job, and I also love my girlfriends. Having a good community of supportive friends is so important for our health and wellbeing, yet sometimes we let these relationships fall to the side, giving priority to other aspects of our lives.

This past weekend, I had the amazing privilege to spend some much needed quality time with great friends. We all gathered together at one of our friend’s houses and had a grown-up “slumber

party,” while many of our kids and partners gathered at our house, complete with food, games, and tents in the backyard!

We, on the other hand, spent lots of time doing private yoga classes and meditation, staying up late, and getting some much needed uninterrupted friend time. Read my recipe below, tweak it, and make your own in-town retreat!

Melissa’s recipe for celebrating mother’s day (in-town retreat style):

  • 1 bunch of your favorite ladies
  • 4 amazing yoga teachers
  • refrigerator full of beautiful food
  • 1 Vitamix with lots of fresh veggies and fruit on hand
  • many chocolate bars
  • a few bottles of your favorite beverages
  • 1 guided meditation
  • 100s of old National Geographics and glue sticks to make dreamboards
  • a few hours of sleep
  • 1-2 naps

mix with 1-2 walks, lots of laughing, crying and honest discussions

simmer for 72 hours (or more)

enjoy as often as you can!


What’s your favorite mother’s day recipe?