Preconception Acupuncture

Preconception acupuncture

pre-conception acupunctureAt Light Family Acupuncture, we are here to help serve your family’s needs, including your journey to starting a family with preconception acupuncture. Recent studies have shown that there is almost double the likelihood of achieving pregnancy with Chinese herbal medicine than with western drug therapy. In fact, over a four-month period pregnancy rates were 60% for those treated with Chinese herbal medicine verses 32% for IVF drug treatment. (Read more about this.)

The Light Family Acupuncture clinic has been successful with helping families grow since 2003. Acupuncturist Melissa B. Light helps both women and men with:

  • fertility
  • hormone balancing
  • stress management

Melissa Light specifically helps women with:

  • menstrual dysfunction
  • fibroids
  • reducing frequency of miscarriages
  • carrying babies successfully to term

Call us today at (512) 775-4057 to schedule an appointment and begin using Chinese medicine and preconception acupuncture when planning your family.