Showing Appreciation


With Father’s Day just around the corner, now is the time to show appreciation to those under-appreciated: whether it’s fathers, mothers, teachers, grandparents, or friends. It’s important to give thanks to those who tirelessly give and give to make our lives more enjoyable and rich. Here are some tips to help you show your appreciation on Father’s Day and everyday!

· Always say thank you each and every time he does something thoughtful for you.
· Give him compliments and always be specific!
· Do something that is important to him.
· Work on those habits of yours that might annoy him.
· Say “I love you” with feeling.
· Speak highly of him to family and friends.
· Surprise him flowers, coffee, lunch, or his favorite treat.
· Read The Five Love Languages.
· Discuss your bucket lists together then decide on doing one of the items together.
· Spend time reveling in your favorite memories of the past.
· Compile romantic snapshots of your partner’s worth. Every day write down something your partner did that made you experience strong feelings of love or appreciation. Describe the event and why it was important with you. Share the snapshots with your partner on a special occasion.
· Help him with chores when he is overstressed.
· Make a list of reasons why you love him and then share it with him.
· Make a sacrifice and rearrange something to make time for something romantic.
· Write a love note before he goes out of town, then slip it into his traveling bag.
· Fully listen to what he has to say rather than always thinking of what you will say next.
· Resist the urge to tell him he’s wrong.
· Laugh!
· Smile!
· Write him a letter about how he has changed your perspective for the better.
· Support his dreams.
· Support and nourish his health.