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Boost Your Digestion! or How to survive SXSW in Austin, without really trying Try these super easy techniques from the Year of CHI, and be sweet to yourself this year! FU rub acupressure technique: Acupressure is best described as using

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4 ways to boost your acupuncture treatments

Make the Most of Acupuncture by Light Family Acupuncture April 24, 2013 If you read our blog, chances are you already know about the amazing things acupuncture can do. Whether you see an acupuncturist for pain relief, stress management, fertility,

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Make the time to MOVE! by Light Family Acupuncture April 17, 2013 You know you need to exercise, but frankly, my dear, you are too busy/tired/stressed/overworked/overwhelmed to give a hoot. Hey, we’ve all been there. And we could all make

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