TCM Bodywork for Winter Immunity!

TCM Bodywork for Winter Immunity

Hang in there! Spring is just around the corner!

count down to spring, winter immunity boosters! first up, the tradition chinese medicine bodywork technic known as tuina!



Chinese pediatric massage, or tuina, is an easy and fun way for parents and kids to keep germs away. Just a few simple techniques will bolster your immune system and make for a more healthy winter season.


Wind Pond


Wind Pond is at the back of the head, just below the base of the skull, in the two depressions formed between the trapezius and sternocleidomastoid muscles. At the first sign of any sickness, or to relieve headache, dizziness, or fever, press these points with the pads of two fingers and rotate in a small circle, 30-50 times.


Chest Center


This acupuncture point is located at the midline of the chest, level with the nipples. To relieve coughs, wheezes, or chest congestion, press and rotate the point for a couple of minutes, and then use the thumb side of your hands to push outward from the midline to the side of the chest.


Lung Meridian

Tuina on the lung meridian can boost immunity and help with symptoms of the common cold, including cough, dry throat, and stuffy chests. Start at the last joint of the 4th (ring) finger, on the palm side of the hand. Using your first two fingers, stroke up to the tip of the ring finger. Pick up your fingers, go back to the joint, and repeat 100 to 500 times. That sounds like a lot, but takes just a few minutes!




Yintang is located on the forehead, on the midpoint right between the eyebrows. This point is very calming and refreshing, and it can also clear up stuffy noses and dry nasal discharge! Using a finger or two, gently push from the point up to the hairline. Return to the point and continue to push upwards for a few minutes.