Thieves oil to fight colds and flu!

Thieves oil to fight cold and flu!

by Light Family Acupuncture

December, 11 2013


One of my very favorite scents is thieves oil. For years I was paying (gladly) a high price tag for my favorite thieves blend. But this year I discovered how easy it is to make yourself! The single oils are so much cheaper than blends, I shopped at my local whole foods and got enough essential oil to make 5 batches of thieves for what I was paying for one bottle before! Most of the oils needed can be found in your local co-op, natural grocery, or herb shop. Thieves not only smells just like the holidays, but it has amazing anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. I use thieves whenever I start to feel a little bit under the weather. Get crafty and make your own, to diffuse in your home, as a spray, or massage oil.

Basic Thieves blend (do NOT put straight oil on your skin, this stuff is strong!)

80 drops Clove Bud pure essential oil
70 drops Lemon pure essential oil
40 drops Cinnamon Bark pure essential oil
30 drops Eucalyptus pure essential oil
20 drops Rosemary pure essential oil
OPTIONAL 10 drops of Tea Tree or Lavender or other anti-microbial, aromatic pure essential oil. (while traditional thieves is just the first 5, I used a tea tree/lavender blend in mine)

using a dark glass bottle, mix all oils together. you may adjust the ratios slightly to your taste. shake well to mix.
Shake well before each usage.

uses: ah so many!

  • diffuse with an essential oil diffuser for a fresh holiday smelling home
  • make a spray with 1 drop oil to 1 ounce water in a spray bottle and use on counter tops, door knobs, in the air, anywhere that needs disinfecting
  • make a massage oil by combining 1 drop thieves with 4 drops of a your favorite carrier oil (I use almond or jojoba)
  • laundry – 4-5 drops of oil per load
  • hand soap – 4-5 in per 8 oz unscented liquid soap

One note of caution, be careful

using this around babies and pets, this stuff is strong! If you are more sensitive, dilute your more to your liking. Enjoy your yummy homemade thieves! get creative!