Welcome to Light Family Acupuncture

Welcome to the Light Family Acupuncture clinic in Austin, Texas! We’ve been dedicated to nurturing family health with acupuncture, nutrition, herbal medicine and Asian bodywork in Austin since 2003

Light Family Acupuncture in Austin, Texas, focuses on treating the entire family, from children to adults, from allergies and ailments, to preconception through pregnancy and parenthood, and everything in between, using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

TCM focuses on holistic health for the whole family–treating both the root and symptoms of disease and has been successful in resolving and preventing illness for over 2500 years.

Traditional Chinese Medicine consists of five branches: acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition, Asian bodywork, and movement/exercise. At Light Family Acupuncture, we are here for you, whatever stage of life or circumstance! Consult our faq page for answers to your most frequently asked questions, from acupuncture and treatment to pregnancy to payments and insurance.

Contact us to learn more about our services, our practice, or the herbs we have available at the clinic! You can call us at (512) 775-4057 to ask questions, schedule a consultation or update your appointment, or go online to schedule your appointment directly. We look forward to seeing you at the clinic!